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Hi everyone. Niel here!

That's me in the middle along with two other amazing Chinese learners: Jake from Skritter and Olle from Hacking Chinese.

The idea for HanziCraft started over 5 years ago when I needed some help with finding data for my Master's thesis. As a learner of Chinese, the writing system, was the most intriguing aspect for me. So I wanted to dive deeper.

During my research I noticed there's a lot of information I can provide for learners, but it wasn't quite so accessible. So I built HanziCraft as a tool to present what I learned and make it really easy to get the info you need.

P.S. - It also made it really easy for me to geek out about how amazing Chinese characters are!

A project of passion

HanziCraft is free to use & does not have a full-time development team behind it. However, it's a project with a lot of heart and a strong mission to provide an excellent resource for Chinese learners.

If you have found value in using this tool, please do consider donating. It helps with making HanziCraft better and keeps this site going.

Thank you

I'll be so grateful for you in helping me make Chinese characters really easy to learn. It's my mission to share just how incredible they really are! Let's make this a reality.

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