1. 鲁 is the 896th most frequent character.
  2. has 2 dictionary entries.
  3. appears as a character in 55 words.
  4. appears as a component in 5 characters.


Once :
=> ,
Radical :
=> (fish), (sun/day)
Graphical :
=> , , , , , , ,

Pinyin & Meaning:

  1. Lu3 - surname Lu/Shandong Province 山東省|山东省[Shan1 dong1 Sheng3]/vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1066-221 BC) in modern day Shangdong Province
  2. lu3 - crass/stupid/rude

Pronunciation Clues:

  1. Pronunciation clue for 鲁 (lu3): The component 鱼 is pronounced as 'yu2'. It has the same pinyin final.

Example Words:

High Frequency

乌鲁木齐 (烏魯木齊)
秘鲁 (秘魯)
粗鲁 (粗魯)
耶鲁 (耶魯)
鲁莽 (魯莽)
鲁迅 (魯迅)

Medium Frequency

吐鲁番 (吐魯番)
因斯布鲁克 (因斯布魯克)
安德鲁 (安德魯)
布鲁克 (布魯克)
布鲁克林 (布魯克林)
布鲁塞尔 (布魯塞爾)
布鲁斯 (布魯斯)
布鲁日 (布魯日)
斯巴鲁 (斯巴魯)
普鲁士 (普魯士)
格鲁吉亚 (格魯吉亞)
火奴鲁鲁 (火奴魯魯)
乌鲁木齐市 (烏魯木齊市)
贝鲁特 (貝魯特)
赫鲁晓夫 (赫魯曉夫)
开鲁 (開魯)
阿鲁巴 (阿魯巴)
雅鲁藏布江 (雅魯藏布江)
鲁国 (魯國)
鲁山县 (魯山縣)
鲁班 (魯班)
鲁肃 (魯肅)
鲁菜 (魯菜)
齐鲁 (齊魯)

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Decomposition Levels:
Level 1: Only divided once. So only two components.
Level 2: Radical Decomposition. The character gets decomposed into its lowest radical components. For the complete list visit the Radical wikipedia page.
Level 3: Graphical Decomposition. Shows all the strokes & lowest level of components that make up the character.
If you see questions marks or too many "block" characters, especially when it comes to level 3 decomposition you might need the correct font.