1. 电 is the 230th most frequent character.
  2. has 1 dictionary entry.
  3. appears as a character in 187 words.
  4. appears as a component in 4 characters.


Once :
=> ,
Radical :
=> (sun/day), (line), (second)
Graphical :
=> , , ,

Pinyin & Meaning:

  1. dian4 - electric/electricity/electrical

Pronunciation Clues:

  1. There are no phonetic clues for this character.

Example Words:

High Frequency

电信 (電信)
电影 (電影)
电脑 (電腦)
电视 (電視)
电视剧 (電視劇)
电话 (電話)

Medium Frequency

来电 (來電)
供电 (供電)
停电 (停電)
充电 (充電)
充电器 (充電器)
家电 (家電)
广电 (廣電)
手电筒 (手電筒)
放电 (放電)
断电 (斷電)
核电站 (核電站)
水电 (水電)
发电 (發電)
省电 (省電)
致电 (致電)
触电 (觸電)
贺电 (賀電)
闪电 (閃電)
电力 (電力)
电动 (電動)
电吹风 (電吹風)
电器 (電器)
电报 (電報)
电压 (電壓)
电子 (電子)
电子书 (電子書)
电工 (電工)
电影票 (電影票)
电影节 (電影節)
电影院 (電影院)
电梯 (電梯)
电气 (電氣)
电池 (電池)
电波 (電波)
电流 (電流)
电源 (電源)
电热毯 (電熱毯)
电灯 (電燈)
电灯泡 (電燈泡)
电瓶车 (電瓶車)
电眼 (電眼)
电磁 (電磁)
电网 (電網)
电线 (電線)
电线杆 (電線杆)
电脑网 (電腦網)
电台 (電臺)
电视机 (電視機)
电视台 (電視臺)
电话卡 (電話卡)
电话簿 (電話簿)
电路 (電路)
电车 (電車)
电量 (電量)
电锯 (電鋸)
电音 (電音)
电饭煲 (電飯煲)
电饭锅 (電飯鍋)
静电 (靜電)

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Decomposition Levels:
Level 1: Only divided once. So only two components.
Level 2: Radical Decomposition. The character gets decomposed into its lowest radical components. For the complete list visit the Radical wikipedia page.
Level 3: Graphical Decomposition. Shows all the strokes & lowest level of components that make up the character.
If you see questions marks or too many "block" characters, especially when it comes to level 3 decomposition you might need the correct font.