1. 枪 is the 872nd most frequent character.
  2. has 2 dictionary entries.
  3. appears as a character in 62 words.
  4. appears as a component in 0 characters.


Once :
=> ,
Radical :
=> (tree), (human), (second), (N/A)
Graphical :
=> , , , , ,

Pinyin & Meaning:

  1. Qiang1 - surname Qiang
  2. qiang1 - gun/firearm/rifle/spear/thing with shape or function similar to a gun/CL:支[zhi1],把[ba3],杆[gan3],條|条[tiao2],枝[zhi1]/to substitute for another person in a test/to knock/classifier for rifle shots

Pronunciation Clues:

  1. There are no phonetic clues for this character.

Example Words:

High Frequency


Medium Frequency

中枪 (中槍)
刀枪 (刀槍)
单枪匹马 (單槍匹馬)
手枪 (手槍)
打枪 (打槍)
枪口 (槍口)
枪战 (槍戰)
枪手 (槍手)
枪击 (槍擊)
枪击案 (槍擊案)
枪支 (槍支)
枪毙 (槍斃)
枪杆子 (槍桿子)
枪杀 (槍殺)
枪决 (槍決)
枪法 (槍法)
枪版 (槍版)
枪声 (槍聲)
机枪 (機槍)
机关枪 (機關槍)
步枪 (步槍)
水枪 (水槍)
火枪 (火槍)
烟枪 (煙槍)
猎枪 (獵槍)
真刀真枪 (真刀真槍)
冲锋枪 (衝鋒槍)
金枪鱼 (金槍魚)
长枪 (長槍)
开枪 (開槍)
Decomposition Levels:
Level 1: Only divided once. So only two components.
Level 2: Radical Decomposition. The character gets decomposed into its lowest radical components. For the complete list visit the Radical wikipedia page.
Level 3: Graphical Decomposition. Shows all the strokes & lowest level of components that make up the character.
If you see questions marks or too many "block" characters, especially when it comes to level 3 decomposition you might need the correct font.