1. 尽 is the 488th most frequent character.
  2. has 2 dictionary entries.
  3. appears as a character in 66 words.
  4. appears as a component in 3 characters.


Once :
=> ,
Radical :
=> (corpse), (N/A), (dot)
Graphical :
=> , , ,

Pinyin & Meaning:

  1. jin3 - to the greatest extent/(when used before a noun of location) furthest or extreme/to be within the limits of/to give priority to
  2. jin4 - to use up/to exhaust/to end/to finish/to the utmost/exhausted/finished/to the limit (of sth)

Pronunciation Clues:

  1. There are no phonetic clues for this character.

Example Words:

High Frequency

尽管 (儘管)
尽量 (儘量)
尽情 (盡情)
尽头 (盡頭)

Medium Frequency

一网打尽 (一網打盡)
倾尽 (傾盡)
尽可能 (儘可能)
尽快 (儘快)
尽早 (儘早)
受尽 (受盡)
意犹未尽 (意猶未盡)
应有尽有 (應有盡有)
散尽 (散盡)
历尽 (歷盡)
殆尽 (殆盡)
淋漓尽致 (淋漓盡致)
无穷无尽 (無窮無盡)
用尽 (用盡)
尽力 (盡力)
尽心 (盡心)
尽心尽力 (盡心盡力)
尽兴 (盡興)
筋疲力尽 (筋疲力盡)
精疲力尽 (精疲力盡)
绞尽脑汁 (絞盡腦汁)
耗尽 (耗盡)
费尽心机 (費盡心機)
鞠躬尽瘁 (鞠躬盡瘁)

Appears In:

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Decomposition Levels:
Level 1: Only divided once. So only two components.
Level 2: Radical Decomposition. The character gets decomposed into its lowest radical components. For the complete list visit the Radical wikipedia page.
Level 3: Graphical Decomposition. Shows all the strokes & lowest level of components that make up the character.
If you see questions marks or too many "block" characters, especially when it comes to level 3 decomposition you might need the correct font.