1. 员 is the 200th most frequent character.
  2. has 1 dictionary entry.
  3. appears as a character in 107 words.
  4. appears as a component in 8 characters.


Once :
=> ,
Radical :
=> (mouth), (shell)
Graphical :
=> , ,

Pinyin & Meaning:

  1. yuan2 - person/employee/member

Pronunciation Clues:

  1. There are no phonetic clues for this character.

Example Words:

High Frequency

人员 (人員)
公务员 (公務員)
动员 (動員)
员工 (員工)
委员 (委員)
官员 (官員)
成员 (成員)
会员 (會員)
服务员 (服務員)
演员 (演員)
球员 (球員)

Medium Frequency

乘务员 (乘務員)
全员 (全員)
列车员 (列車員)
售票员 (售票員)
售货员 (售貨員)
团员 (團員)
委员会 (委員會)
学员 (學員)
守门员 (守門員)
专员 (專員)
店员 (店員)
成员国 (成員國)
指导员 (指導員)
推销员 (推銷員)
文员 (文員)
消防员 (消防員)
满员 (滿員)
营业员 (營業員)
特派员 (特派員)
研究员 (研究員)
程序员 (程序員)
管理员 (管理員)
总动员 (總動員)
职员 (職員)
船员 (船員)
裁员 (裁員)
要员 (要員)
解说员 (解說員)
议员 (議員)
辅导员 (輔導員)
通讯员 (通訊員)
运动员 (運動員)
邮递员 (郵遞員)
队员 (隊員)
雇员 (雇員)
飞行员 (飛行員)
驾驶员 (駕駛員)
党员 (黨員)

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Decomposition Levels:
Level 1: Only divided once. So only two components.
Level 2: Radical Decomposition. The character gets decomposed into its lowest radical components. For the complete list visit the Radical wikipedia page.
Level 3: Graphical Decomposition. Shows all the strokes & lowest level of components that make up the character.
If you see questions marks or too many "block" characters, especially when it comes to level 3 decomposition you might need the correct font.